Wofoto Sapor V2

$ 35.00

The Sapor V2 RDA by Wotofo represents the evolution of the critically acclaimed Sapor RDA platform, built for today's needs and standards, featuring a revised dual top airflow system alongside a two post build deck insulated with German Made PEEK as well as now plating the copper contact with Rhodium, providing superior overall performance. The Sapor V2 is available in either 22mm or 25mm variations depending on the size and performance needs required by the user. Each variation features a two post dual 2mm diameter terminal build deck that features a German Made PEEK insulator and a 10mm deep juice well. Both variations deploy a dual airflow system, with the dual slotted top airflow measuring 10mm by 2mm entering the build chamber through the top of the chamber and the five external airholes entering horizontally into the chamber. This dual airflow system presents a high level of overall airflow and, with the ability to independently throttle each system as needed, allows for a huge range of versatility. Additionally, Wotofo has plated each copper 510 connection with Rhodium which features a much higher hardness level and resistance to electrical arcing as compared to 24K Gold Plating. Affordable, versatile, and touted as one of the premiere performance RDAs on the market, Wotofo's Sapor V2 RDA asserts itself as one of the most capable platforms available today.

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