Think Vape Finder 167w

$ 140.00

The Think Vape Finder 167W is an almost identical box mod to the Finder DNA 75, but with more than twice the power because it is built with a DNA 250 chip board. It features precise temperature control, is powered by dual 18650 external battery cells and features premium construction materials with a amazing design.

The Finder is built with a DNA 250 chip, but uses only two battery cells for a smaller form factor. As a result, the highest output power is 167 watts, temperature can be varied from 300 to 600 Fahrenheit and atomizers with a resistance of 0.10ohm or higher in temperature control mode and 0.2ohm or higher in power mode are supports. Variable temperature mode is compatible with all wire types including nickel, titanium and stainless steel heads. The unit utilizes two external 18650 battery cells that are conveniently accessed by sliding off the leather battery sleeve. The mod can be completely adjusted using Evolv’s Escribe desktop software. Best of all, you know vaping is always safe with a DNA powered box mod.

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