Naked Fish

$ 18.00

Blue Marlin:

  • Blue Marlin has massive flavor! Fresh out the oven, a warm and toasty blueberry muffin is glazed with creamy vanilla!


  • Wahoo is what you’ll be screaming when you try this delicious blend! Light vanilla cream has been added to enhance the delicious fruity cereal tones.


  • Piranha is a tasty explosion of vanilla custard infused with fluffy whipped cream! Indulge in delicious creamy goodness.


  • This tropical medley will make you do the Barracuda! Succulent honeydew and a mix of other fresh fruits taste so well on a hot summer day!

Sting Ray:

  • Sting Ray is surprisingly smooth blend! Sweet Berries and creamy peanut butter with a hint of vanilla results in a fantastic and delicious nutty blend!

Great White:

  • Great White is the king of flavor! Tart and tasty key lime pie with a hint of custard is baked with a delicious graham cracker crust.