Bradley's E-juice

$ 20.00

Creepy Crawler: Nobody forgets the joy of the first time they opened that plastic bag and untangled their first sour candy "worm."

Dream Boat Float: The zesty refreshment of root beer comes together with the smooth richness of cream to remind you of everyone's favorite summer dessert.

Hanky Panky: Slip into something moist and flavorful with Hanky Panky.  The tangy zip of berries awaits you under a blanket of rich, sweet cream to deliver a flavor experience you'll come back for again and again.

Kentucky Punch: A lush and juicy combination of ripe red apples, fresh sliced watermelon and sweet, fresh strawberries greet your taste buds with a smile and departs in a fluffy cloud.  Your perfect summertime vape has arrived.